Only good girls go to parties…

…and ones who have not spent the best part of the day either in bed or with their head over the toilet bowl !

Yes it would appear that earlier in the week I wasn’t suffering from “performance anxiety” but was about to come down with some sort of stomach bug. Fortunately Husband was enjoying his last week day of freedom so was able to take care of Toddler and take him and Teenager, plus the food to the party…Husband also spent 2 hours in the morning sourcing lollipops to finish off the cake. So a big thank you to him.

Flapjack Queen happens to be the high priestess of make and do, so their house (which I saw this afternoon) really set the mood – honest what she can’t do with some paint and double sided sticky tape really isn’t worth doing.

Husband took round what food I had managed to do before being incapacitated.

  • Ghoul graveyard cake (recipe linked previously see earlier post)
  • jelly pumpkins
  • spider cakes
  • halloween shapes biscuits

The spider cakes were made by Mum with the Toddler from a recipe and design from the Good Food magazine. The jelly pumpkins were made from orange jelly in a circular pumpkin mould that Tesco’s sold a few years ago.

this years version

this years version

Jelly The simplest way to make jelly is to use commercial jelly (chivers, rowntrees whatever). ..that had been the plan as I wasn’t sure whether my homemade jelly would set sufficiently hard to make the pumpkins keep their shape… I once sent Toddler off to lunch club with a small box of home made jelly which had the Pre-school asking what it was, as by the time it came to lunch time the jelly had liquified again.

Anyway, I forgot to buy jelly cubes so I had to fall back on my usual method. I married a man who, when I met him had 3 packets of gelatine in his kitchen cupboards, and 2 children – so I discovered early on that its very easy to make jelly using fruit juice, and a packet of gelatine.

Biscuits – I don’t like the recipe for cut out biscuits in most of Nigella’s book which a lot of people seem to be wedded to, they need the icing that the biscuits are decorated in and sometimes I prefer the biscuits to remain plain – partly because Toddler hates cleaning his teeth, and partly because I am useless at decorating. So I tend to use a recipe from Frost Bite by Susan Austin. The only real difference between this recipe and Nigella’s is a spoonful of custard powder. They also freeze very well uncooked, which means if I need to I can pretty much do an instant party out of the freezer.

Cheesy feet biscuits – from Nigella Lawson’s Feast. These didn’t go to the party. They went straight in the bin as I was afraid they might spread the bug, as I’d made them 12 hours before I was sick.

Anyway, I am now, after 48 hours without food feeling much slimmer, so am sat here with a glass of wine and a slice of ghoul graveyard cake…Husband, Toddler and Teenager are off watching racing cars and fireworks. I have a clean house and a sparkling clean kitchen and bathroom with every surface bleached… I then spent the day making birthday cakes, hence bleaching all surfaces, I didn’t fancy being the cause of my entire family coming down with food poisoning.

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