The Boy who grew up out of custard

In Eating for England Nigel Slater said “I am probably the only person in England to regularly buy a couple of custards from Marks who is still in possession of his own teeth”

When I read that I wanted to email Nigel and tell him that he was so wrong, and that not only could I name at least 10 people under 50 (without even stopping to think), who adored baked custards but that one of these was not even 3 yet.

Toddler has been addicted to custards since shortly after going on to solids. He refused sandwiches, but seemed to like pastry, so I’d tried him on quiches and then moved on to custard (after all, milk and eggs are good for you even if there is a healthy dose of sugar involved) as this seemed a sensible alternative than letting him go hungry on the (frequent – as I am less than the perfect mummy) days when I had forgotten to bring Toddler type food with me.

Custard tarts had become so much part of Toddlers routine that we had set his pocket money according to the “custard standard” as they retailed for 52p in the local post office. Long before they knew me in there they were able to greet my boy as he came through the door with his grandma. “Hello Toddler, come for your custard then”

So it came as something as a shock to be informed by a very solemn looking boy holding a new car that “Mummy, I don’t want custards anymore. I have grown up out of them. I have moved on” (yes he genuinely told me he’d moved on).

It would seem that either Grandma or Husband had decided  (rightly) it was about time Toddler learned about finance. He’d asked for a small car in the post office and been informed that it would cost him 2 weeks pocket money. So he had been forced to make a choice, and without complaining about not being allowed both, had opted for the car over the custard.
Now I think that this is a case of Toddler learning to priorities his interests so to test it I am going to try making a baked custard, something I haven’t done before, which in view of the fact that both Husband and I adore them, is rather surprising. But I did make a Tarte au Citron Verte (Lime Tart) at the weekend for Dad’s birthday and I guess the principles are the same…but that was not cheap cooking, using as it did 6 eggs (plus 2 yolks) and almost 7 limes and whereas I can justify some extravagance for a birthday meal, I’m not sure no matter how you spin it that using 6 eggs in one dish is “thrifty” cooking ! The recipe for that is here.

Baking a custard will have to wait as its been a very busy week. Nottingham yesterday for a wedding. Cardiff tomorrow, because I like Cardiff, oh and we may also get to visit the Student (Teenagers older brother).

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