What (no) pictures ? What (no) photographs ?

A number of people have commented over the lack of photographs on these pages, commented with some surprise in fact as they know it is rare to find any member of the family, including Toddler, without a camera.


There are a number of reasons for this. The first one is technical ineptitude. I am still trying to work out how to save my pics in the right format so that picture quality remains good without the file being unreasonably large. Managed it once so far but forgot how I did it!


The other problem is that when I bake it’s usually quite late at night. Although I hate the yellow cast the kitchen lights give the pics, I’m usually too tired to mess around with alternative lighting. Waiting until the next day is no good as by then the cakes, muffins whathaveyou have usually been partially consumed by the gannets I live with.


The final reason is that although what I cook usually tastes nice, its not exactly photogenic…I am not very artistic…


Anyway I am going to take a few days away from this blog to do a bit of redesigning and editing of the pages…and also to make a start on Project Brownie – having restocked the cupboards in the kitchen…and I guess I really should do something about Christmas as I probably can’t get away with ignoring it for much longer.

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