Movie Night and the mythical “lie in”

I have hi-lighted in my future diary a particular day in 2018 which will be the day that Spider turns 13. By then hopefully it will be me nagging him to get out of bed rather than the other way round. My commute to work means that I have to get up at 6.30, my aim (some would say obsession) is for a small lie in on Sunday… one strategy has been the introduction of movie night.

On Saturday evenings we have movie night where Spider gets to watch Disney films until late (9pm), I get to watch Spider watching Disney (I love watching the expressions on his face change as he gets caught up in the story) and Teenager gets to enjoy watching the films without having to remember he’s a teenager and therefore Disney isn’t cool…they also get to eat home made popcorn and hot dogs, pizza and other cinema related food.

The ulterior motive of movie night is that a late night for Spider usually means a lie in for me as he tends to sleep for just over 10.5 hours straight… there is the added bonus of course that Husband and I get to watch the films too and spot all the jokes or references that went right over our heads as kids.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Spider is currently down stairs watching cbeebies (having spent an hour in hour bed pretending he was camping) with a stand in snack of grapes and apple and a digestive. I am here drinking a cup of tea and working out which way is up…I know I know “bad Mummy” but in my defence I do have one hell of a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold…when I am slightly more alive I shall go down and make some Banana Pancakes (Feast:Nigella Lawson) as I have a banana that won’t survive to see another day and most of an egg left over from Thursday’s scone experiment – we even have some maple syrup somewhere… so that hopefully will win me some “good Mummy points”, and some green points for using up leftovers.

Anyone got any suggestions with what to do with half a plate of cold chips and a leftover hot dog in bun…?

ps. Having just visited the BBC website to get the link for cbeebies I noticed links on the front page to some upcoming christmas cooking. I knew that Nigella had a new christmas show/book – it would have made my Christmas if Nigel had too, but unfortunately its just his christmas recipes on the bbc food pages.

Rare shot of pancakes, normally they don't last long enough to be photgraphed

Can I have that one mummy ?: Rare shot of pancakes, normally they don

‘t last long enough to be photographed…

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