Pandoro Birthday Cake

Spider's "volcano cake"


This is our (Me and Spider) version of Tessa Kiros’ PBC. This is our birthday present to one of our neighbours, I’ve been dying to makes this for the 18 months that I’ve owned this book, but its only at Christmas that I can find Pandoro’s at a reasonable price.

Spider calls this his “volcano” cake as it is vaguely cone shaped and the orange icing does look a bit like lava… Spider doesn’t like following directions which means that if we had actually made and then decorated a cake together we probably wouldn’t be talking to each other as I would be feeling so frazzled by the end of it, this way of doing things means that we remain friends and have fun…whilst we were waiting for the icing to set he entertained me with his virtuoso drumming with wooden spoons on the saucepans – wok lids make great cymbals.

Now that its past bed time I am off to deliver the cake…only I’m sure there more sweets on it earlier today…that may explain why Spider was hyper by bed time.

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