How could you forget Thanksgiving ?

Although I use any excuse for a celebration (and some baking) I did not celebrate Thanksgiving, mainly because this year it clashed with a more important (to me anyway) family event (so nice to know that 265 million Americans were sharing our day with us !).

Besides I find turkey unbearably dull, even though Nigella Lawson does seem to have countless ways of making it seem new. Pumpkin pie however, well that is a completely different matter. I adore pumpkin pie but I never try and make it for the simple reason that my Mum makes the best ever (don’t all Mum’s ?). I asked her once how she got such a warm, spicy slightly caramel taste to it and it turns out that it only really works with tinned pumpkin and what’s more the best recipe is the one on the tin !

I will be making my own pie at some point but I’m waiting for the NQG ( Spider’s “not quite Godfather”) to come back from the USA where he has been visiting his in laws as he swears that his wife makes the best pie ever and has promised me the recipe…

Anyway, I’m not allowing myself to do any more cooking until I finish off the Christmas cards. I have promised myself that I will, this year at least make sure they arrive before Christmas.

1 thought on “How could you forget Thanksgiving ?

  1. Cards now finished, but have meetings in London for the next 2 days, and a very bad cold…Spider still periodically baking with his Grandma so actual need to cook, and feeling upbeat about life so no mental need either…

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