LBD: Champagne and chi chi canapes

I have a weakness for the idea of a cocktail party…but learned a long time ago that it is better to attend someone else’s than to give one yourself – unless you employ outside caterers !

Besides, I don’t live that kind of life anymore where you just pop round in the evening to friends for drinks and nibbles – not unless squash and fairy cakes at 3.30 in the afternoon fall into that class.

But I still dream of them, of opaque tights and black kitten heeled shoes, knee length black dresses with a bit of sparkle and chic drinks like mojito’s, kir royale or canapes.

This evening however I managed to attend a “do” in London, business related, I attended for a whole 46 minutes and 13 seconds and consumed 1 glass of champagne, ate 2 sticky sausages, 1 chicken satay skewer, a fake bit of sushi and something in a mini tartlet, before having to run to catch my train – no Little Black Dress (“LBD”) but I was at least wearing a jacket and some trousers that matched – not quite living the dream, more faking the illusion.

I felt a bit naughty, like a teenager cutting lessons, a glorious guilty pleasure of a stolen evening. I will pay for it tomorrow morning when faced with Spiders accusing glare “why did you miss story time mummy” – but then sometimes you do need to make time to be the girl in the LBD…

Yesterday I celebrated having finished all my christmas cards bar a few addresses – remembered when I got home that I haven’t done Spider’s cards. Think I may be tempted to send a batch of cakes in on monday instead, after all 3 and 4 year olds don’t really understand the card thing, but they do seem to enjoy the occasional cupcake…and I will go easy on the icing…

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