Further Adventures in Pizza

Today’s pizza has been brought to you by the letters T and…well OK that’s not going to work as I’d have to list 6 letters. Yes we’ve been having another go at pizza, my role this time has been restricted to buying some mozzarella, easi-blend yeast and then sitting on the work surface reading out the recipe whilst my minions scurry around the kitchen obeying my every whim – except it doesn’t quite work like that as there’s lots of “are you sure that’s what the recipe says” and “HOW much olive oil !”

Teenager has been chef for the evening with Husband as comis. No need for the fridge technique as we’ve had time to spare this evening. The other main difference was the recipe. Like a lot of people who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s Husband and my immediate reaction to a recipe that doesn’t work out as planned is “well what would Delia do ?” So we dug out her cookery course and I sat there on top of the washing machine reading the instructions out to the Teenager.

Apart from the fact that the bottom of my cooker is covered in melted mozzarella (put the topping too close to the edge of the pizza), it was a very successful and fun evening – don’t know if it was the new recipe or the yeast that resolved yesterdays problems but we have had a very successful movie night… the rest of the day has been a bit of a disaster but its been nothing too serious – I’m saving the Brownies for tomorrow though as I seem to have lost my cooking mojo.

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