It’s gone…!

It has, it’s really gone – I’ve lost my cooking Mojo !!!

It’s just over a week since I was teasing Flapjack Queen about having lost her cooking Mojo (she hadn’t, she’d just used the wrong tin and her sponge sank like a stone) and here am I making a hash out of carbonara. This is unheard of, I can make carbonara in my sleep, yet tonight it turned out like scrambled eggs.

I have been putting off my planned Brownie experiment for several days now, as I’ve been scared that its going to stick to the tin, and I’m sorry but there is no way I can try it tonight, or any cooking even, I’m off to hide under the duvet…will post the recipe tomorrow morning as promised but I’m not going to try it myself until Wednesday morning when I have the day off to go to the pre-school nativity play.

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