RIP Bagpuss 08.12.08

It is a blue blue day in the Bunn household…Oliver Postgate died yesterday.

His creations were loved by all of us, we even managed to indoctrinate Spider, he loves Bagpuss and the Clangers (which he thinks are pink mice). Very sad today

Edit- This site had a lot of hits today because of this post about Oliver Postgate, I hope those that went searching for him found what they were looking for somewhere on the web. I only had a minute to post something before work, and besides there is not a lot I can say that isn’t in the BBC obit anyway.

He created some wonderful worlds, that gave me, along with millions of other small children our own small piece of magic and I am very very grateful to him for adding an extra bit of happiness to my life whilst I was growing up, in regular 5 minute portions. I am happy to share these portions with my Spider (who has a dragon called Idris).

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