I can’t get this man out of my kitchen…(cookbook clearance)

I am not planning on doing any recipe cooking for awhile.  On the cake front I’ve just made the Brownies which may take some time to shift as I’m taking a break from sugar laden foodstuffs for a short time. On the savoury front we are still clearing the fridge of leftovers, last night was refrigerator rice (or refrigerator velcro as I’ve heard it called) and today I made 2 soups, one of which is known as “End of Life” soup and as you might expect has a variable ingredients list.

This year I am also cutting down on my reliance on recipes and returning to how I used to cook (what have we got, what needs using etc). Over the years I built up a collection of probably some 50 recipe books. In the last year this has been slashed dramatically due to lack of space (yes, I still lack enough space) and cash… periodically I list the surplus books on Amazon and on the intranet at work.

There is one cook book that I will never use, but I will never sell. Not because I’m particularly attached to it but because Husband would probably divorce me if I tried to get rid of the book.

The book in question is White Heat: Marco Pierre White.

I will never cook from this book because, MPW’s food, nice though it probably is, is just not the sort of food I want to cook or can afford to for that matter, even his pasta dough is OTT on the egg count as far as I am concerned – I’m sure if I had a really discerning palette then I would notice the difference, and if I’m paying those prices then I’d expect something above average.

So why will Husband divorce me if the book leaves the house ? Am I perhaps a very lucky girl and has a husband who cooks to Michelin star standard ? No, I have a husband (and whole family for that matter) who is heavily into photography and the photos in this book were done by Bob Carlos Clarke…I still have the text message my husband sent me in March 2006 which says simply “Bob’s Dead” and yes I knew who he meant.

ps. Husband has just been reading over my shoulder and has relocated Marco from the kitchen to the living room where the other photography books live – yay !

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