The Fairy Goth Mother and the freezer magic

We are not a particularly religious family but Spider does have some adults who are encouraged to give him a different view on life to his parents. In addition to the previously mentioned Not Quite Godfather (NQG) he has his Fairy Gothmother (FGM) and KT Cupcake.

FGM is an amazing person, she is my real life Food Hero, but then she seems to have grown up cooking (her mum taught domestic science). She’s always saying things like “we didn’t have anything special for dinner, just this whole salmon I picked up sometime ago and froze just in case”.

Apart from the fact that she always seems to get “just the right thing” as a present for her “gothson” and made our wedding cake (if our PC hadn’t blown up I would post the photo here I’m that proud) she also found a most remarkable book and then found a second copy as a present to me. It was a guide, an A to Z of what you can freeze and tips on freezing – and now when I want to use it (thinking of freezing leftover rice pudding) can I find it ?

I am a big fan of the freezer and I long to be a proper freezer girl, the sort of person who has planned and frozen meals in advance (other friends I know are ready for unexpected guests as they can whip out a 3 course meal and have it defrosted and on the table before guests have even removed coats). I am working on it. At the moment our freezer is used for leftovers and frozen veg…but I am trying to perfect my version of the instant frozen party in time for Spider’s 4th birthday as there is no way I can whip up birthday party on a Friday evening after a whole week at work – watch this space !

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