The knights who say “knit”

Here at Bunn towers we have gone all knights and castles since Christmas. Well really its since October when we acquired free tickets for Warwick castle. Spider has been mad for horses knights castles falcons and anything medieval. He made some armour over the holidays with grandma out of baco foil and cardboard and just as this was falling apart some kind friend gave him a sword and a shield for Christmas.

Cheese and tomato shield

Cheese and tomato shield

I don’t do cute food for children as a rule. You won’t often see me turning cupcakes into teddybears or burgers into people with pasta hair, but yesterday I just caught part of Big Cook Little Cook where they were just taking out of the oven a pizza shield, so I thought, as we were having our home made pizzas again this evening I would give it a go – but only for Spider, much as Teenager and Husband might have enjoyed it, I usually leave them to make their own pizza. Anyway, I wouldn’t say it was a roaring success, it’s easier to get a pizza to keep its shape if you use a scone dough which I think they did on the TV. Anyway it served its purpose namely helped with the cheese mountain we are still working are way through since Christmas.

Tiger Hat, no feet

Tiger Hat, no feet

I mentioned just before Christmas that I’d been trying to finish some knitted presents I’d been making for Flapjack Queens children. This morning when I tidied the top of the house I finally managed to undo the spiders web that the cat had made of my knitting bag.

After we put Spider to bed I hoped to settle down to a couple of hours noodling around on the internet, only to discover that Husband had nicked my laptop – so I thought I’d better get cracking on trying to finish 1 of the 3 presents I have on the go at the moment before the cat rediscovers the knitting bag and undoes all my hard work.

This hat is for FQ’s youngest (wheatflake ?) I’ve made it before for Spider, for his 2nd birthday when he was going through a tiger phase…unfortunately 3 hours after he first put it on it got left behind in a cafe in Banbury and was never seen again đŸ˜¦

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