New Zealand and Niggles

My boss is off on holiday tomorrow to New Zealand for a month and leaving me in charge. He has spent the last 2 weeks worrying me about his job and worrying himself about leaving me in charge and as a result we have been niggling away at each other and mildly getting on each other’s nerves.

Part of this is jealousy on my part as I haven’t been away since last May (all of 2 days as we came home the afternoon of the second day when I discovered we had gone over the overdraft !), and especially so since New Zealand is where I spent my honeymoon – 9 happy days going round NZ in a camper van. Oddly enough it was also the first place that Husband and I shopped together for food because despite having been together for over 3 years at that stage, we had never really shopped together having kept 2 separate homes in 2 separate towns some 30 miles distance.

Due to the storage facilities in the van our meals had to be relatively simple and its something that we are coming back to whilst we are paying back the debt. So far this week we have had stew with dumplings (twice), jacket potato with left over bolognaise and sausage, mash and brussel sprouts – tomorrow is bubble and squeak…and no recipe books were harmed or even used in the making of the meals !

I am dreaming however of some memorable meals from our honeymoon

  • a byo place in Auckland called Mama’s where I had venison and Husband had lamb shank and where we liked the look of each others dinner so much that we went back the next night and reversed the order
  • Tea and cheese and bread in a layby just outside of Christchurch – it was a great view
  • wine and a simple snack lunch at the Babich winery outside of Auckland whilst playing boule
  • a very strange steak and pepper sauce in Queensland and a conversation that went like this “is there actually any pepper in this sauce”  “no sir, its pumpkin, its the chef’s speciality…”

We’ve never really celebrated valentine’s day but I think I may, if I have any Amazon sales this month try and save enough money for 2 lamb shanks and a bottle of Babich and try and recreate the memories – failing that I can always do bread and cheese and buy a packet of Dilmah tea bags which they now sell in Sainsbury’s.  I think we need something to put smiles back on our faces.

I know nothing about the cuisine of NZ except that it appears to be the home of the muffin and somehow, much as I love muffins I feel that a 3rd posting about them would be overkill…

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