Never say never

Spider, like a lot of pre school children can be unreasonable, stubborn and strong willed. It really used to upset me when I went to the trouble of making a healthy meal from scratch only for him to completely refuse to touch it…

I’ve stopped getting upset, now I just insist that he at least tries 1 spoonful of it, whatever it is, whether its something new or something that he has eaten in the past and has decided he doesn’t want any more. It all comes down to control freakery – food is the one area of his life that he can control, because short of forcing the food down his throat I cannot actually make him eat…where as with most of the rest of his life he is having to do as he is told by people bigger than him.

By insisting he has 1 spoonfull honour is satisfied on both sides. Spider keeps trying new things and as far as he is concerned eating 1 spoonfull is not giving in, as he hasn’t eaten it all.

I will get my own way in the end as he will end up liking a wide range of food eventually. It worked with me…I even ended up eating olives, although it did take until I was 28, but I kept trying them every 2 years or so, just to see if my tastes had changed…it has even worked eventually with radishes (although they do need to be cut thinly) which is a good thing as I’ve just discovered 2 packets of radish seeds in my seed box (think I got them because I wanted something easy to grow to get Spider interested in plants)…and somehow I think its going to be a long time before Spiders taste buds make that leap…

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