Food Hero: My Husband

For many reasons I would place my husband under Y. Partly because he probably the inspiration for the last few recipes, in an abstract way…or least his family history is.

It has not gone unnoticed that there has been a run of welsh recipes (Bara Brith, Leek Soup and welsh cakes). I am not welsh, despite spells in Cardiff and on Anglesey, but Husband is, avowedly so (despite being born in Wolverhampton) and in the run up to the 6 nations even more so…I even note that the Student (who 12 days ago started a blog) is also remembering (in the context of rugby) that he is 1/4 welsh.

His cooking however is not reminiscent of his welsh blood – I don’t think his grandma cooked. From everything I’ve heard from other relatives I think she considered herself to good to cook. He has a small repertoire of dishes that he cooks very well and without looking at a recipe. He has no pretensions towards posh cookery and doesn’t claim to be anything he isn’t and quite frankly what he does put on the table is very good. I would love to put up here the recipe for Manchester Cheese on Toast but he keeps this secret close and won’t even let me in the kitchen when he makes it.

My husband also makes a pretty mean yorkshire pud but won’t share his method. All I know is that it uses 250ml of bitter and takes 40 minutes to cook and that he never gets around to cooking it until I’m advising the family that dinner will be on the table in 20 minutes.

Husband I love you. And thank you for doing all the cooking in January I will try and get home earlier in February – promise !

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