The only green eyed baseball playing snowman in warwickshire

Well we finally got a substantial fall of snow that stayed for more than half a day. I woke up this morning to a properly white world AND the primary school was shut, which meant the pre-school was too. I phoned in to take a day off and got in touch with my inner child…

As an adult, I hate snow. Snow is stuff for looking at through a double pane of glass with a glass of mulled wine in your hand. Fortunately, having had a brief career as the outdoor type before Spider was born I have kit designed to cope with all weathers – so Spider and I got water and windproofed to the hilt and then set out to join the rest of the village (yes the rest of the village) enjoying the winter wonderland in the farmers field over the road from our house.  It really was a lovely little communal scene, you can almost imagine what it used to be round here when the village was the centre of life and not just where you sleep.

We made a snowman, and pelted each other with snowballs and made snow angels and snow castles and then ran home laughing and giggling like 2 4 year olds (instead of 1) for a nice warm bath, muffins and hot chocolate…and then pretended we were chameleons in the living room seeing who had the longest tongue.  Spider had fun. I joined in without complaint and made sure that he had, ok not the best snowman in the village but certainly the only one with dried lime slices as eyes (the end slice you never put in your gin).

Anyway whilst I was getting all sentimental about how great it was that a village can still bond and be communal, Husband had dragged himself off his sick bed to get some milk and other essentials – he was not experiencing communal village life at its best but more the “siege mentality” and everyman from himself.  Apparently the shelves in the co op had been emptied of milk and bread within the first hour of being open and rumour has it,  it was “all the people that don’t normally come in”. Hey no problem guys, at least you are using it – now make sure you use them more often otherwise they won’t be there next time we get snowed in.

Me, admittedly I am making bread this evening, not from fear of shortage but more I actually had the time and half an open packet of yeast to use up.  We keep the freezer stocked up with short dated bread anyway ( a full freezer is more efficient) and have 2 litres of semi skimmed UHT in the cupboard at all times.

The “bread” is actually “half moon rolls” from Apples for Jam:Tessa Kiros, I have a craving for some soft white rolls…but I think there may be something wrong with my yeast…so I am not too hopeful…half moon rolls are a basic white dough recipe rolled in a particular way.

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