Burning down the house…

otherwise known as “don’t try this at home”…

I have 2 burnt saucepans, the assorted boys in this house decided to usurp my movie night role of chief corn popper and go through 2 saucepans before I caught them and explained that this batch of popcorn is useless and they’d be better off doing it in the microwave.

Normal scrubbing just wasn’t shifting the debris. Driving home on wednesday night I suddenly remembered reading in The Cleaning Bible that you can sometimes shift the rubble in burnt pans with biological washing powder. On checking, sure enough a small scoop of bio powder, gently heated in a bit of water and then left should deal with the problem.

I tried it out as soon as I got home. As usual however just before bedtime (Spider’s not mine) I was trying to do 5 things at once.

I am pleased to advise that it works. I am also pleased to advise that my smoke alarm works, in fact all 3 of them do…and they are very loud. I can also report that a pan of biological washing powder dissolved in water when left to boil dry on the hob stinks the house out !

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