Dinosaur Eggs

I am not the creative type. I am a willing assistant at “make and do” when Spider’s in that sort of mood but you don’t usually get me sitting down with scissors and glue and card for fun. This morning however the boys kicked me out of the kitchen as they wanted to get creative with the crepe pan…they’ve also used up the last of my flour so that’s put the mockers on doing any baking until Friday (unless the child benefit payment had been paid).

So I have spent the morning with bits of paper, a balloon and some wallpaper paste making 2 dinosaur eggs for the dinosaur puppet I started knitting just after christmas. I have found it quiet therapeutic actually, just sticking bit after bit of paper to the balloon – had hoped Spider would want to do it too, but he’s too busy creating treasure island with Playmobile figures (the obituary for the inventor of it was in the Guardian the other day) in the living room…Teenager did help with the second one, but he got bored when he discovered I was insisting on 6 layers. “We only had to do 2 layers at school, and it was strong enough”, I pointed out that whatever it was he did at school it wasn’t then played with by his half brother…

The puppet itself is made but needs sewing together – it is at this point that I usually get bored – fortunately I’m on a deadline so it may get finished by thursday (Flapjack Princess’ birthday)…photos to follow another time, I have to go and investigate the strange banging noises coming from upstairs…I think the bedrooms may have become infested with saurapodlets…

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