Definately NOT waving

I am drowning in a sea of playmobile and boxes and boxes of photographs that need sorting… then add in paperwork waiting to be shredded and 2 weeks of ironing and I am so so tired.

Just had to do a mercy dash across the village to sort out a baking powder crisis (Flapjack Queen half way through birthday cake making dropped it on the floor – I only had half a teaspoon – thank heaven for Mums !) having just decided that I am not in a good state for trying to make birthday cakes – fortunately have an hour before work in which time to make 4 sponge cakes and cook them… wish me luck and think of me tomorrow trying to prove that I can, for at least an hour pretend I’m a domestic goddess.

Off to bed

postscript: Cakes were not made friday morning as someone had put the butter back in the fridge – could have melted it in the microwave but I think I was glad of the excuse. Still got an eveningand a morning left…

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