I am indulging in my favourite hobby this morning “not doing”.

Normally at the beginning of April I might try and make some baked goodies for all the birthday people but this year most of them are away. KT Cupcake has taken her whole family off to Florida (I think) for Easter. Wingnut is up a mountain in Wales – and probably will be away next weekend making the most of the bank holidays…I usually try and persuade Spider to help me with some cakes as a present for his FGM, but today he once again has a cold and hacking cough…

So here I am, curled up with my little boy watching Cbeebies, thinking about painting a wall outside, but not thinking very hard…I have knitted a thong out of strawberry liquorice bootlaces (not something I would recommend, the “yarn” breaks easily)…

Nothing happening in the kitchen, I’m periodically boiling eggs for different periods of time to work out what “perfection” is for me…

I do not feel guilty at all about doing nothing as when the boys (Husband and Teenager) get back  they have plans to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix, although weather conditions don’t sound too good…

I am taking the instruction that sunday is a day of rest to heart !

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