Goodbye to our winter friends

  “Families are composed of  men, women children, the occasional animal and the common cold”  Ogden Nash

Spider announced this morning as he bounced onto our bed that he was “a Roman Soldier with a cold” – he never claims to have a cold until he’s almost better and is worried that we won’t be quite so concerned over him – he has obviously grasped the concept of man flu earlyin life.

I am hoping that this will be the last of the viral warfare we’ve suffered from this past 6 months and that I can finally get some things done and get some energy back – if so I may finally have a garden rather than a building site.

I have given up again on the allotment for another year now – the land agents have told us not to start without the formal letter and they can’t say when they will be in a position to release that.

So this weekend I will be once again planting up my containers and the strip of land along the fence I claim is a veg patch… oh and painting that wall I didn’t manage last week due to a severe bout of “I can’t get my bottom of this sofa- itis”.

The boiled eggs are coming along fine, thanks for asking !

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