Bring a roman to work day ?

Still here. Might do a proper post tonight on chapter one of Delia, may even be doing some proper cooking by the end of the week as its Anzac Day on the 25th April.

This morning started off with thunder and lightening and just as we left the house the heavens opened…as I left my parents to go to work Spider insisted that I took one of his playmobil romans to work to protect me.

As I type (checking the overnight emails and deciding what to do for the day) this little 7cm man with a trident is watching over me – I feel protected but by Spider not this piece of plastic.

Also discovered at work someone had left me 2 envelopes full of seeds for the garden, flowers and veges…wonder how you do an Abba themed cake as such a random act of kindness like that deserves something special in return !

2 thoughts on “Bring a roman to work day ?

  1. how about a really pink sparkly cake? abba is camp as christmas so something totally over the top would be good? i’m trying to think of something which links to one of their songs but nothing’s coming just yet. i shall ponder it further…..!

  2. Sounds cool – and some kind person has just sent me some pink sparkly edible lustre ;-)… mentally running through Abba songs like you, knew I should have gone to that Mama Mia night…

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