One Left ?

Tomorrow, hopefully I get my first pay it forward item in the post to Mrs L…not having many more takers and having rather too many things on the go (my garden is a building site and I want to hold a 50th birthday barbeque in it in August for Husband), my second pay it forward, since noone has yet commented is donation of some spare needles and wool to a charity in sheffield that is trying to assist alcoholics byknitting therapy…

My third and final pay it forward may be the fact I have offered to knit Coraline’s star jumper for the Welsh Goddess (5ft 11 of vavavooom !), so if anyone else was wanting something handmade and for free then they have until just before she emails me back to put their bid in….waiting for your comment…I do make very good cakes and the knitting is ok check out Being Frank

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