These are not the biscuits…part II

My Mum made me a cake today and afternoon tea with all the things I like – prawns, egg mayonnaise,cold roast chicken, orange jelly…I feel well and truly stuffed to bursting, mostly because I had 4 of her home made biscuits.  These biscuits are amazing and in fact one of my most recent post details my attempt to recreate that biscuit.

Well I now know the truth. These biscuits that I have called Anzac biscuits all my life are not Anzac biscuits and Mum didn’t get the recipe from that Australian WI book I mentioned but its actually a variation on my Nana’s ginger biscuits, only Mum leaves the ginger out – so this is it then, this is the handed down recipe from Mother to Daughter that I have been looking for since I started these pages some 9 or 10 months ago…I think I my cooking Mojo maybe about to come back. I didn’t cock the Anzac recipe up, it was simply the wrong recipe !!!!

You have no idea how much happier I feel now…

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