“How absolutely fabulous !”

I have been the happy and lucky recipient of a totally unexpected ever so welcome random act of kindness.

A few weeks ago I did a Pay it Forward/planned act of kindness based round crafty type stuff and sent a bag that I had knitted and felted to wonderful  Mrs Lacer (Lacer’s Life) – she has written it up here, I haven’t cos I’ve been a bit of a slacker of late (there are reasons for this admittedly).

Anyway, completely out of the blue today I received a parcel, was very surprised as I never put my address on parcels, just my postcode, but Mrs L is a very bright cookie and traced me through the post offices address finder…

Don’t you think this is just fabulous ?  It’s made out of similar material to some  I’d previously admired on a cushion she’d madejune 2009 020and the rabbit is a design from Aranzi Aranzo (Let’s make cute stuff) which is doubly fantastic as I have an obsession with all things Japanese  (ok most things Japanese, I can’t stand Hello Kitty)  and a weakness for Miffy, and the rabbit is Miffyesque.

I am still jumping around the room with joy some 30 minutes after getting home, after an uninspiring day.

Thank you thank you Mrs Lacer – and sorry for leading you down the sinful path of Noro !

Golden Silence

Well our wi fi is still broken and I’ve had a weekend of actually finishing things due to not having the distraction of the internet…perhaps if we leave it broken we may finally finish off this house ?

It’s been a lovely weekend, despite the absence of Husband and the constant refrain of “we’re not friends anymore” from Spider when he doesn’t get his own way.


Not because Husband has gone to Le Mans with his eldest son leaving me and Spider to entertain ourselves for the weekend, but because before he went he managed to destroy our link with the internet.

Oh well at least I may achieve something over the next few days if I am not wasting my evening noodling away on the internet.

Let the Feast of Fish begin…

ps Cake making should be happening this weekend, I have a birthday cake to make !

Trying something new

At some point during this month my Mum will celebrate a rather special birthday. She has asked for a cake that is maple syrupish, butterscotchish, caramelish rather than any sort of fancy cake such as the wonderful whisky bottle the FGM made for Husband or the pirate cake I made for Spider.

She is evasive when the question of presents is raised, aside from the fact she is having a new bathroom – if and when they can track down a plumber.  So in the absence of any other suggestion I have decided to try something new, which I will probably stick up on “Being Frank” as its craft related rather than cooking…but not until after her birthday as she sometimes reads both blogs and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

I have possibly bitten off rather more than I can handle…at least the birthday cake will be straight forward…

Fortunately I have a backlog of things to write up dating back to budget day – haven’t broken it to Husband that he’s on kitchen duty for the next few weeks – until of course he abandons me for motorsport for 5 days whilst he takes Student to Le Mans, and although I will miss him, I’m already planning meals for whilst he’s away involving several fish dishes, mushrooms and possibly a curry.

This probably sounds a bit heartless, but I know that from the moment he gets on the ferry to France until the moment he drops Student off on the return journey that he will have no room in his head for anything other than cars, so I may as well be brutally practical and make the best of his absence !

Guilt and a recipette

If and when Spider learns to read I shall give up this blog as he will start to know slightly too much about what motivates me  (and no doubt many other parents) should he ever stumble across these pages.

I have been very grumpy of late and not spending enough time with him, in fact have been jumping at the chance to let him stick his “Walking with Dinosaurs” videos on.

On sunday I made pancakes (american) for breakfast. This indicates a sense of guilt on my part and an attempt to make up for it.  We had no maple syrup, (but then I don’t think the Gingerbread pancakes need much really) so I made a storecupboard sauce out of cloudy honey blitzed in the microwave with some orange juice.

I then went on to make the Marmalade cake which I’d been threatening to make for ages plus the bean soup I mentioned a few posts ago, using fennel instead of tarragon, as that’s what I had to hand – the cake went down well. Comment from Spider “well I’d call it gorgeous” – he’s such a smoothy, he knows how to charm a grumpy and unresponsive Mummy round to his way of thinking !