“How absolutely fabulous !”

I have been the happy and lucky recipient of a totally unexpected ever so welcome random act of kindness.

A few weeks ago I did a Pay it Forward/planned act of kindness based round crafty type stuff and sent a bag that I had knitted and felted to wonderful  Mrs Lacer (Lacer’s Life) – she has written it up here, I haven’t cos I’ve been a bit of a slacker of late (there are reasons for this admittedly).

Anyway, completely out of the blue today I received a parcel, was very surprised as I never put my address on parcels, just my postcode, but Mrs L is a very bright cookie and traced me through the post offices address finder…

Don’t you think this is just fabulous ?  It’s made out of similar material to some  I’d previously admired on a cushion she’d madejune 2009 020and the rabbit is a design from Aranzi Aranzo (Let’s make cute stuff) which is doubly fantastic as I have an obsession with all things Japanese  (ok most things Japanese, I can’t stand Hello Kitty)  and a weakness for Miffy, and the rabbit is Miffyesque.

I am still jumping around the room with joy some 30 minutes after getting home, after an uninspiring day.

Thank you thank you Mrs Lacer – and sorry for leading you down the sinful path of Noro !

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