What would Dorothy do ?

I am a believer that people are ultimately good. That if you are nice to people generally, then people will be nice to you and the world will treat you well. This is a perhaps a surprising attitude for a lawyer to have, because lets face it, people only come to lawyers when things have gone wrong, we see the bad situations, the problems, the holes that clients need help digging themselves out of.

Well life has been full of ups and downs this week, mostly downs. Last Friday not only did I discover that the Slugs had eaten my basil, but that the wicked witch of the west was suing us for £6k under the laws of trespass and my husbands car is on its last legs which means we need to sort a replacement out by the last week of august at the latest (we have no money so that will be a challenge).

It is amazing how reassured I felt on receiving a parcel earlier this week, reassured that I am right and that the being nice to people is worthwhile. No, this wasn’t another Random Act of Kindness but a prize from the nice people at the Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester for Spider – apparently he was a winner in their spot the dinosaur competition – we had completely forgotten he’d entered it until the prize arrived (spot dinosaurs in shop windows – name them and then finish off the sentence “I like dinosaurs because” – to which he’d replied “you mean there are people who don’t like dinosaurs”). Anyway, seeing his happy face made me feel that perhaps I should write a more conciliatory letter to my neighbour’s solicitors.

What did Dorothy do? She ran away, she tapped her ruby slippers together and went home – well no, she didn’t run away, she didn’t leave until she had killed the witch and freed the Munchkins from tyranny. But throwing a bucket of water over my neighbour is not going to have any effect except to make a bad situation worse. So I am going to be nice….I’m going to be nice and reasonable and point out that we will still have to live next to each other and that aggressive legal action is not going to solve anything. Of course she may simply be one of these people who is bringing an action on point of principle, one of those “I know my rights” people (in my experience they are usually wrong and have misinterpreted the law beyond sensible recognition) – in which case I’ll have no choice but to fight my corner and mention the fact by way of counterclaim that she is obstructing a right of way and breaching the covenants in her deeds.

Does she actually have a case? I have no idea her solicitors managed to “forget” to include the evidence on which she is relying to prove that we have built on her land.

1 thought on “What would Dorothy do ?

  1. Good for you for wanting t0 try the reasonable route first. If nothing else, it will improve your karma. I just hope that your neighbour has a bit of sense – fingers crossed xxxxx

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