Plum Crazy

On the way home the other night I decided to investigate some glimpses of yellow and red in the hedgerow. I pulled up in a little layby and checked out what looked like fruit to discover that I hit a goldmine of “cherry plums”. Cherry plums are small plum tasting fruit that apparently can be used in much the same way as cultivated plums and being slightly sharper are ideal for jam making.

I managed to fill the only container I had with me which was a “car bin” fortunately empty as a result of some uncharacteristic car tidying by me the day before…so I have a litre and a half of cherry plums and some plans for using all the glass jars that currently clutter up my kitchen cupboards…just needs a quick trip to Lakeland for the wax circles and maybe some plastic…maybe some dinky little jampot cloths…

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