I think I’m dying…

I have a cold…but I’m feeling miserable and sorry for myself with it…so I guess it must be man flu…couldn’t taste the lovely leek risotto…from home made stock too with the parmesan crisp biscuits from last weeks  Nigel Slater…

I shall return

Time to quit ?

I woke with the intention this morning of giving up this blog.  I do not have enough time in the day to be a full-time employee who commutes 140 miles a day, tries to be a good Mum and Wife and keep the house sufficiently clean and tidy so that the family can function and not fall ill from food poisoning…and write something on a regular basis whilst also finding time and good lighting to take a few decent pictures – cos lets face it, most of the blogs that people read have good clear photos, not fuzzy shots taken in a hurry (would you believe I’ve actually done a C&G photography course ? No neither would I, haven’t taken a good shot since Spider was born !).

So then, I hear that Keith Floyd has died and I remember how much I love food (especially cake) and I like talking about it and sharing what works and doesn’t work and swapping ideas with people. Then a friend , French Frank, emails about something else and says he likes the blog as he’s really into cooking at the moment (even says he’s had some ideas from reading it!) – and well yes it could all come under the heading of vanity publishing, and yes I doubt whether there are many people reading this but, I enjoy being able to be in the position to have conversations with people over the internet about food – and its easier when you have a blog cos then they can check it out and decide whether you are someone they want to talk to…and yes sometimes its nice to talk to strangers and its nicer when they stop being strangers.

So Appetite is going to stay, but we are coming up to a year of “being” so I think its time for a revamp and a delete of some of the recipes up here (so if you want ’em print ’em out now) and maybe less posts, but more regular (yes less posts and more regular do go togther) and better photos – now all I need to work out is how to fit it all in…

Incidently, anyone out there want some boys clothes age 3-4, we are having a clear out – must be able to collect from Leamington Spa !

RIP: Keith Floyd

We are a little down here at Appetite for Cake as have recently found out that Keith Floyd has passed away.

Keith is acknowledged here as a bit of a food hero  – Although I give credit to Nigel Slater’s writing for getting me cooking on a regular basis it is Keith, who as I’ve mentioned before really inspired an interest in food.

I’m not going to say anymore, after all I never met the guy and there are no doubt loads of websites out there with tributes, not just the newspapers.

I will though, on my way home from work be stopping off and buying the best free range chicken I can find and lots of garlic and cooking the first thing I ever made from a Floyd cookbook the Chicken with Forty Cloves of garlic (apologies to work colleagues for tomorrow)  and I will sit down with my chicken supper, a good glass of red, dig out my video of Floyd on France and enjoy !

We’ll miss you Mr F, but you will live on in my family’s culinary heritage !

Dusting off the lunchbox

Been relatively quiet on these pages recently, not because we’re not cooking (we are, gotta eat, don’t do a lot of ready meals in this house) but because it’s hard to write about food when you are feeling sluggish and  feel like the back end of a horse – I am suffering from a body image problem, which I’m not going to talk anymore about as reading about dieting is about as boring as actually doing it.

We have been busy harvesting the free food of Warwickshire. Nothing too adventurous just the usual sort of jams and things – not like my brother who has been busy bottling sloe and apple jelly – don’t think that one is destined for toast, probably more of a savoury use like red currant jelly.

I’m hoping that the start of the school year and the need to make lunch on a daily basis for Spider, who is notoriously difficult to make sandwiches for (other than cheese) will spark off my interest in food again. We are also back on the watching our budget and not wasting anything regime…

I have been watching Economy Gastronomy recently, and like a lot of people have been amazed at the generosity of the “budget”, either we are miscalculating what we spend or we are already thriftier than average. I have not until this evening made anything from the book – however the co-op were selling 12 eggs at half price (otherwise I’d never have made a frittata with 8 eggs), we also had potatoes (red not new) and spring onions which needed using, always have chorizo and there was a tablespoon of clotted cream lurking in the fridge (to which I added some hot water and lemon juice as a sour cream substitute). It was OK, nothing special, perhaps it really needs the salsa they recommend with it, but it did use up the leftovers, served with some half price garlic bread AND there is still enough left fo r 2 lunches this week, as frittata is quite nice cold.

will link the recipe when they put it up on the BBC website