Time to quit ?

I woke with the intention this morning of giving up this blog.  I do not have enough time in the day to be a full-time employee who commutes 140 miles a day, tries to be a good Mum and Wife and keep the house sufficiently clean and tidy so that the family can function and not fall ill from food poisoning…and write something on a regular basis whilst also finding time and good lighting to take a few decent pictures – cos lets face it, most of the blogs that people read have good clear photos, not fuzzy shots taken in a hurry (would you believe I’ve actually done a C&G photography course ? No neither would I, haven’t taken a good shot since Spider was born !).

So then, I hear that Keith Floyd has died and I remember how much I love food (especially cake) and I like talking about it and sharing what works and doesn’t work and swapping ideas with people. Then a friend , French Frank, emails about something else and says he likes the blog as he’s really into cooking at the moment (even says he’s had some ideas from reading it!) – and well yes it could all come under the heading of vanity publishing, and yes I doubt whether there are many people reading this but, I enjoy being able to be in the position to have conversations with people over the internet about food – and its easier when you have a blog cos then they can check it out and decide whether you are someone they want to talk to…and yes sometimes its nice to talk to strangers and its nicer when they stop being strangers.

So Appetite is going to stay, but we are coming up to a year of “being” so I think its time for a revamp and a delete of some of the recipes up here (so if you want ’em print ’em out now) and maybe less posts, but more regular (yes less posts and more regular do go togther) and better photos – now all I need to work out is how to fit it all in…

Incidently, anyone out there want some boys clothes age 3-4, we are having a clear out – must be able to collect from Leamington Spa !

5 thoughts on “Time to quit ?

  1. PS Did you read about Floyd’s last day? It’s sad he died and 65 is ‘quite’ young these days but from the article in the Times, his last day was exactly how he would have wanted it, even down to be asleep when it happened, so I’m glad he got that.

  2. Thank you ! (Incidently you were one of the strangers becoming friends I referred to above, I love your blog and chatting about food).

    Not read anything about KF’s last day, been too busy at work – but am glad that it was a happy last day

  3. I hope you find time to carry on blogging. Your blog is one of the few oases of entertaining intelligence that I’ve found!
    I’ve just come back from Dorset were KF breathed his last. We even tried to visit the same restaurant (should have been better organised and actually bokked – but you know how it is once you go on holiday…) As we all have to go somewhere, Dorset would be fine for me. This time its been a case of ‘See Dorset and diet!”. Did you see the documentary that Keith Allen made about KF? He looked in a shocking state then, more like 85 than 65. I know he was a Bon viveur but he wasn’t a happy one, it was very sad.

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