Tea Estates on the windswept upland slopes of cornwall…

A few weeks ago we went on holiday to the lake district. It rained…a lot !. At one point during a break in the downpour we took Spider and Teenager out to indulge in a guilty pleasure that Husband and I have been enjoying ever since some friends took us and Spider there 3 years ago.

We go to Grange over Sands and feed the ducks. Now this probably doesn’t sound very exciting but it is a very important prelude to the “right let’s go and have a cup of tea”.

There are two cafes in the Victorian parade of shops opposite the park but only one of them has a Tea Menu ! The Hazlemere  Cafe and Bakery not only sells bird food (in case you’ve forgotten to bring some) but it also has a 6 page menu of the different sorts of teas it sells.

On this occasion, having spent 5 minutes deciding what tea to have and then having bartered with Husband as to which of us was having which tea (we had both gone for the same Ceylon tea) and we try to have different ones so that we can share) I was in the middle of ordering when inspiration struck.

“I don’t suppose you have that tea which is grown in Cornwall do you, I think it’s called something like trefusis”

“I’ll just go and ask”

A few weeks ago Twitter had produced something useful, I’d been wittering on about tea and my sunday morning ritual when someone had tweeted me a link to Tregothan who genuinely do grow tea in Cornwall. I hadn’t been able to afford it as paying £9 for 50g of tea (plus postage) couldn’t be justified on the budget so I hadn’t followed it up. Anyway, back to the teashop

“The owner had these in the office, this is an earl grey and this is an afternoon tea”

So I had it. And it was nice (not amazing, but very interesting considering a large percentage of the tea came from Cornwall) and then later the owner came out to ask how we had liked it…anyway here are some shots of people enjoying tea and cakes…oh yeah, and some dinosaurs…august 2009 069august 2009 071august 2009 072august 2009 073and this is a shot of my tea

august 2009 074It wasn’t a cheap cuppa but we were on holiday and it is a guilty pleasure…

1 thought on “Tea Estates on the windswept upland slopes of cornwall…

  1. Are pleasures improved by guilt? I’ve never been quite sure about that. Perhaps its more ‘naughty indulgance’ than guilt?
    I hope the dino enjoyed his cake – now did I mean Tim? 😉

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