So how is the rationalisation going ?

What rationalisation ?

The rationalisation of your house and contents you were attempting

Ask me another

Not good then ?

You could say that…

Things were going well. We had Spider’s room pretty much nailed and we’d managed to tame the playmobil downstairs. I’d finished a skirt and put the sewing machine away in my corner of Teenager’s bedroom, the kitchen was clean and tidy – we even had a dining table we could use !  Then…

Then what ?

Husband decided to tackle the office. This is not a speedy job. It entailed taking everything out, vacuuming and then rearranging the furniture. Everything was taken out and put on the Teenager’s bed. Husband got half way through and then, not feeling too good decided to finish the task the following day. Unfortunately the next day he work up with a sore throat and a streaming nose and overwhelming tiredness. So he left it until he was feeling better. Which is fine as the Teenager wasn’t with us that weekend. Unfortunately the cold continued for over a week and the following weekend of course Teenager needed his bed, so the contents of the office then got moved off the bed and into the small corner of his bedroom where I had previously started the big clear up operation so that I had somewhere for my clothes, knitting and sewing machine…

Bit disheartening then ?

You can say that again. So instead I lured a friend round (Wingnut) with the promise of Sunday lunch and together we tackled the wood and soil in the back garden, because this is one place that if it gets organised will stay organised.

This is the before picture

december 2008 068

This is the after picture before we all ran out of energy.

september 2009 042

Husband did a fabulous job of cutting all the wood up for the stove – however I’m feeling very, very guilty as he was still short of energy due to this blasted cold…but Husband is a kind soul, a caring sharing sort of guy and he shared his germs with me…which has meant that the house is now in a worse state than it was when I started trying to organise it…

I think I need help. I need a strategy. A plan. Either that or I need someone to dob me in to Aggie and Kim and get them to come round and sort the house out…I am encouraging Spider to say “I believe in fairies” everynight, just in case there are such things as housework fairies…I am as you can tell an optimist.

2 thoughts on “Rationalisation

  1. Housework fairies have been trapped and shut in a box, they are living in my car boot at the moment, will kick them out of the car when we are passing on way to Cheslyn Hay…dragging Husband back to his roots next saturday…

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