Necessity is…

…the mother of invention – apparently.

There was no real necessity for me to use ginger ale in the stew – It’s just I hate to waste a thing if I can avoid it and I didn’t see any prospect of anyone else in the house drinking the ginger ale (left over from the birthday cake) in the next week or so (although at the time I had forgotten about the bottle of lime vodka in the freezer…).

But there I was with stewing steak desperately needing to be cooked before it went off. A bag of ready cut stewing veg bought cheap in Asda not used when originally planned and looking sorry for itself, plus the remains of the veg drawer… what I lacked though was leftover wine or beer or anything that might give me an interesting variation on a standard beef stew…so I poured the ginger ale into it and added a stock cube (some lemon, more ginger, garlic and a cinnamon stick), boiled it up and left it in the slow cooker overnight.

It was…interesting. OK it wasn’t bad, but there was a background sweetness which would have been unbearable after a few mouthfuls if it hadn’t been for Husband’s fabulous fluffy dumplings (recipe on back of Atora packet) and some last minute chunks of potato… Cheap and green – not as green as the meat and veg would have been if I’d left it any longer !

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