Do something good

Things I have learned today:

  • I am not anemic
  • I have very thin/small veins
  • You can get blood out of a lawyer* it just may take longer than usual due to aforementioned veins

In case you haven’t already guessed, I gave blood today. And yes, I know it has nothing to do with cooking generally or cake specifically but I thought it was important enough to mention, especially if any of you reading this decides to do the same.

It was admittedly my first time and I promise you my decision to give blood had nothing to do with the fact it was held at Reading Fire Station !

I am however feeling a little wiped out and am lying on the sofa waiting for my husband to deliver an iron rich meal. My work colleague Portia has recommend for next time to eat iron rich food the night before and after the event to help counter any possible feelings of tiredness.

Details of donor sessions can be found at

*that’s my joke of the day and I’ve been telling it to everyone – because if I don’t they’re bound to tell it to me anyway !

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