Favourite Cake ?

I started making a christmas cake at the start of the week. I wasn’t going to, as the “traditional” christmas cake doesn’t play very well in this house, or at my parents. However the sainsbury’s magazine had a yule log on the front and a “mulled wine fruit cake” which apparently freezes well, and I quite liked the idea of having a fruit cake in the freezer ready to go if needed….

It was too early in the month to do the yule log, that’s a “cooking with children” activity for when the school holidays start, but since we had a jar of mincemeat in the cupboard not used last year, and some wine left over from the night before (plus some port lurking in the kitchen somewhere) the mulled wine cake was calling out to be done. BUT, this week has been one of trips to London and illness and being just too damned tired…so after getting as far as melting the butter, adding sugar, warming the alcohol and adding sultanas, I stopped, and stayed stopped.

The cake in fact has been in the fridge for a week now waiting for me to finish it off, and although I will (because not too would be a waste) my heart really isn’t in it – if you are to make cake then I think it has to be something you want to make… and this isn’t.

So the yule log is yet to come. I’ve also promised French Frank I would do him a fruit cake (if he remembers to send me his current address) but I’m open to suggestions as to what cake to do for Christmas that doesn’t involve icing, marzipan and alcohol soaked fruits…preferably something that is not going to still be there in February waiting to be eaten.

5 thoughts on “Favourite Cake ?

  1. Why not elevate the humble mince pie? If family eat such like, make a large mince tart with, lattice pastry top or holly-shaped pastry leaves? Individual mince pies with posh tops – pastry stars or something like that? Still Christmassy but not the full cake bit!

  2. Neat idea, except I’ve just used all the mincemeat up in my sainsbury’s mulled wine cake (which will be stashed in the Freezer in case anyone does feel the yen for the full on trad christmas cake)…may buy some more tho’ cos I love mince pies and I don’t care whether the rest of them do or don’! Yum, drooling at the thought of them…

  3. Hi there. I just google searched for Sainsbury’s mulled wine cake as my Mum has thrown out the magazine and wants to make it. Your blog ame up on the search and I wondered if you still have the recipe please?

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