Bethlehem’s Buzzin’ : A tale of slipped halos (a review)

“Bethlehem Buzzin’ is a heart warming story of a scabby-kneed male angel amongst a host of female angels  (a “wise”man at work advises me that angels are actually sexless) and his one boy attempt to make a difference to the lives of poor struggling wood working folk, Mary and Joseph at the birth of their child. It is a tale of his fight against failures of costume, how he carried on despite the collapse of 2 sets of wings and halos and how he triumphed in order to stand on stage and wave his halo at the audience, disco dance in quiet moments and above all give his Mummy the thumbs up whenever he though there was no one amongst the 100 strong audience watching. A “stunning performance” was the verdict from his number one fan.”

What do you mean there were other children involved ?  I didn’t see anyone else, there was only one boy on the stage…

7 thoughts on “Bethlehem’s Buzzin’ : A tale of slipped halos (a review)

  1. I kept seeing that tall stall holder type looking frantically for Grandad withe the Video Camera, seeing as he was in front of our favourite Abaddon…

    But yes, Spider did a belting job, delivering “Baby Jesus” to Mary, on cue.


  2. Thanks for your blog
    I like it and I feel identified with your comments and hobbies
    Take care
    Karla From Mexico

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