2am and more…

I went to bed before Spider. It’s amazing how tiring putting 3 coats of paint on the kitchen ceiling is – guess I’m out of practice (spent a large part of my 30’s doing DIY) but was up again by 11pm…and then of course couldn’t sleep… and then slept fitfully waking at 2am…

Not sad enough to fire the laptop up at 2am tho’ so had a cup of tea and vaguely planned the garden. When Spider woke me at 7.45 I was unfortunately grumpy – I suspect if I could get this sleep thing under control I would be a much nicer Mummy to him.

Today not looking good though, ceiling still needs a final coat and I have to repaint the walls…after a dash to Wickes when it opens at 10am…the general opinion  of yesterdays efforts is that we bought the wrong blue…it’s the blue equivalent of Barbie Pink.

Chaos will rule for a bit longer in this house as it’s unlikley we will have finished before work starts again tomorrow – have to sand the worktops down and clean the floor before we can put things back where they will live – guess its pizza for tea then…

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