The Tyranny of the Lunchbox

I loathe making packed lunches day in day out…there, I’ve admitted it.  Odd because I love picnics and what is a packed lunch but a picnic in miniature ? I haven’t always hated them, in fact when Spider first started having lunch twice a week as “lunch club” at preschool I spent most of the week planning them and trying to make them fun and enjoyable.

But now some 4 years on, 4 years during which the amount of things he will eat has been  rapidly decreasing (and inconsistent, one week he will eat something the next week it’s “But Mummy, you KNOW I don’t eat that !!!), I just find it dispiriting and a grind…and I’m not alone, I don’t think Flapjack Queen has made flapjacks in over 18 months

His Grandma has had some success with evening meals and has discovered he will eat a lot of things he says he doesn’t like if you cover them with breadcrumbs.

Anyway I have decided it is time to rejuvenate the lunchtime experience for both of us, to try and inject some fun and variation into what has become a sort of “if it’s monday it must be cheese” experience…although maybe drawing up a spreadsheet to record progress may have been taking things a bit too far !

So tonight I have tried to restart my Domestic Goddess qualifications – spurred on by the guilt of the knowledge that my Spider had a Cadbury’s mini roll in his packed lunch every day last week – I flicked through Cake Days:Hummingbird Bakery to see if there was anything I could make from the storecupboard… pity poor Spider as despite page after page of baked yumminess I appear to have picked the most healthy and boring recipe in the book.

Cooling in the kitchen are Apricot Crunches which are a sort of fruited flapjack. I had been worried by the amount of butter involved until I realised they use butter and sugar instead of golden syrup and not in addition. Result for me is that for once I can get my flapjack out of the tin…however the mixture didn’t set too well and is prone to crumbling…I think possibly a higher oven temp next time to make the sugar and butter become” sticky”.

It’s not much, but it is at least a start…and it’s only monday

1 thought on “The Tyranny of the Lunchbox

  1. I have been a very happy mummy every morning all term since my two started school dinners, as I was hating lunch boxes to. My two had to have lunch boxes for a while because at first they were too young for school dinners (they had to be year 1+), then one was the right age and one wasn’t and I wasn’t going to go down the whole route of only doing one lunch box, so they both had lunch boxes and then when both got to the right age, they knocked the canteen down, however the new one opened just before Christmas for a special Christmas dinner and then opened properly at the start of this term and I am in love, they have new caterers who cook lovely, healthy food, a head teacher who insists they eat off proper plates instead of those horrid trays and I get to pre-order their food 3 weeks in advance, it’s bliss. And my two, who used to be horribly fussy too, have got a lot lot less fussy, I never used to believe the saying that school dinners makes your child less fussy but it certainly has worked for my two and I am enjoying seeing the benefits of a wider diet at home to.

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