This year…

My husband did pretty much all the cooking…I am a very lucky woman… I think possibly I could be pushing my luck here, you see we ordered for christmas

1) A turkey

2) A joint of beef – for the boxing day Christmas dinner number 2

3) A Gammon for turning into a ham and serving up as suppers, sandwiches and quick meals over the next week…

Now here comes the bit where I may be pushing my luck, you see I’m cooking Christmas dinner (for which I am thankful for the fact I came home today to discover he’d cleaned the oven…yes you read that right, my husband cleaned the oven. You all wish you found him first don’t you ?) AND I am cooking the boxing day meal   BUT…

To be helpful we told the lovely people at Glebe Farm (and at some point I will come back and link to their web page) we would pick the meat up on the 24th (as their busy day is the 23rd)…

It was only afterwards that I realised that actually we need to cook the gammon before christmas day…

I’m working tomorrow. Husband is off, with Spider…doing last minute things…including, yes Husband is cooking the gammon

I’ve left him with the relevent page of Nigella Lawson’s Feast, the Fully festive ham…with some amendments for how I want my ham

I have been, for over 10 years now, a very lucky woman… I married a man who sees a task and does it…even when it’s out of his comfort zone… but then he has informed me that in order to finally finish our kitchen off, I have to learn how to tile !

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