No deconstruction

I’ve had several posts in mind this week but a combination of work, work’s network collapsing (meaning I’ve been fighting the backlog all week) plus half term mean that I haven’t had a chance to sit down until now…and this morning I’ve been preparing food for a party later this afternoon to celebrate my Dad’s 75th Birthday (“Hi Dad, Happy Birthday”).

Normally on a sunday morning I sit down with the Observer and soak up Nigel Slater’s glorious food orientated prose but I’m too traumatised by the Coq au Vin I made at 8am this morning


You probably can’t see from the photo but there is at least 100ml of fat in that jug, which came out of the chicken thighs when they were being browned… from the taste of the finished dish I probably could have done with draining off a bit more, however I’m hoping that I can skim some more off before I serve it, which won’t be until after 1pm.

In the meantime, Nigel has 2 mouth watering recipes involving game birds which since they fly around in thee wild (yay ! Exercise for poultry) are lean and tasty rather than fat and flabby as the chickens whose thighs have ended their days in my wine and onion stew obviously are. So I’m not going to deconstruct the recipes today as actually they look pretty good and healthy as they are…and playing around with them might lead to dry meat which would be a shame.

Also worth checking out in the Observer this sunday is Jay Rayner’s review of Zest I’m sure the food is nice but the review had me giggling into my cornflakes.

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