It’s been awhile. Partly it is due to technology issues such as me losing my phone, breaking my netbook, switching to a mini IPad then discovering that for some reason wordpress doesn’t like me accessing it through an IPad (constantly getting the message “there is a problem with this page so it was reloaded”). I’m also not very good at remembering to take photos and part of me believes I should try and include photos in a blog post if possible…

Mostly though I have lacked the enthusiasm to write about food.

When the economy crashed we went through a restructuring at work which led to  a feeling of insecurity. Then, just when we thought things would be alright, the government decided that the austerity measures were not having the desired effect and so about 3 years ago they announced another round of cuts. My employers promised that the second restructuring would be quick but then due to budgetary uncertainty (and a lot of rain leading to a rethink on flood defence issues) the restructuring took a whole year before it was complete.

For my part the year of “do I don’t I have a job” resulted in a lot of comfort food being consumed and probably too many nights on the sofa working my way through a bottle of red wine. Cue weight issues. From the 11st I had been happy with since Joe was born I went up to 12st 7lb (and more) and a band of middle age flab took up residence around my waist.

Eating happened. Cooking happened. Writing about it… not so much… and then once you stop writing it’s difficult to start again.

18 months ago I started to tackle the weight issue, mainly with exercise. This year I want to tackle the food side of things more diligently. As I’ve blogged before there will be no silly diets just healthy eating and portion control but more I want to enjoy eating because food should not just be about food.

The word of the year is frugal though. I want to keep trying to eat seasonally and locally if I can but mostly I want to use what is in the cupboard. I am sure I am not alone in buying the occasional special ingredient and then not using it until I find the right recipe or the right occasion but lets face it the Pope* is never going to come to dinner so I may as well use things before they go past their use by date

*not that I want the Pope to come to dinner but since as a republican (as opposed to a monarchist) its even less likely I’d invite the Queen  for a spot of Supper.

I also want to make my recipe books earn their place on the shelf as my collection is getting out of control. The same goes for all those kitchen gadgets that clutter up the cupboards and the kitchen surface… either they prove they have a purpose in life and are essential to my culinary life or out they go.

Mostly however I want to finally get the kitchen finished off. After all it will be 10 years in August since we knocked the house down and rebuilt it… it’s probably about time we finally tiled the kitchen.

I think I have my appetite back.

2 thoughts on “USE USING USED BY

  1. It’s very lovely to ‘see’ you on the blog again, and I’m delighted that you have your metaphorical appetite back! Y’know, though, I wouldn’t mind having the current Pope round for dinner – he seems like a very interesting and fun person, as well as a thoroughly lovely human being. I say this as a person of no faith. I’m quite sure he would be horrified at the prospect of dinner at ours, though…

    So: good luck with the frugal menus. Not just because I like you very much and wish you well in your endeavours: it’s also because I’m relying on you to inspire me with tasty, frugal food!! 😉

  2. Meant to say thank you for your lovely comment but the year sort of got away from me and I spent most of February sitting on the sofa feeling blue and comfort eating sausage and mash…

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