One Left ?

Tomorrow, hopefully I get my first pay it forward item in the post to Mrs L…not having many more takers and having rather too many things on the go (my garden is a building site and I want to hold a 50th birthday barbeque in it in August for Husband), my second pay it forward, since noone has yet commented is donation of some spare needles and wool to a charity in sheffield that is trying to assist alcoholics byknitting therapy…

My third and final pay it forward may be the fact I have offered to knit Coraline’s star jumper for the Welsh Goddess (5ft 11 of vavavooom !), so if anyone else was wanting something handmade and for free then they have until just before she emails me back to put their bid in….waiting for your comment…I do make very good cakes and the knitting is ok check out Being Frank

Paying it Forward – Part II

Made a start this evening on something for the lovely Mrs Lacer, the first and so far only person to comment on the Paying it Forward thread…I have something else lined up that I am just dying to make for someone…although I may end up doing it for Wingnut as a replacement birthday present as I unfortunately, er passed it on. payed it forward with the present I had made for her…oops ! She should have come to visit us, somethings just don’t keep, and don’t freeze well either !

Passing it on – Paying it forward

A couple of years ago I drove from Chester to Cannock and back again simply to ensure that my husbands 80 year old Auntie got to meet her great- niece and the Australian great niece her great-auntie.

On the journey back we got talking, and I was explaining that it was no big deal for me and that it was in keeping with my philosophy of life of “passing it on” and just generally “being nice” – because its great to be  nice to people, do things for people without expecting anything in return – why ? Because in the past I have been a happy recipient of such generosity from complete strangers.

L replied “oh yeah, pass it forward”.

I hadn’t known that there was a “movement” for this, and to be honest I prefer the FGM version of “practicing random acts of kindness”.

Anyway, having myself just been the happy recipient of a random act of kindness from Jane, whose surname and address I don’t know so I can’t thank her, it’s kind of timely to join in with the handmade “Paying it Forward” as described on Padmade and here on Beaky.

The idea is that the first 3 people to comment on this post receive something handmade (it will probably be something knitted unless you request food, as knitting is easier to post) from me, the condition of taking part is that you then do something similar – if you don’t have a blog then I guess you just pass 3 things on to random friends and the line then stops there, unless you explain to your friends what they are doing and they choose to do the same !

The Auntie I mentioned before died a year later, so I am pleased that I was able to play a small part in putting smiles on people’s faces and making something happen that otherwise probably would never have occurred.