Unidentified Breaded Objects

Circumstances meant I had a day off on Thursday. I tried to make good on a long held promise to Husband for scones, clotted cream and lemon curd (this was a celebration week).

When I was growing up my Mum would make scones at the drop of a hat, she even used scone dough as a pizza base…once, after I’d left home my parents visited me (160 mile round day trip) and I wanted to give them afternoon tea. So I telephoned Mum and got her recipe for scones, rolled the dough out, cut them out, put them in the oven. When my parents arrived however, what they got was not a delicate, light, fresh vehicle for cream and jam but dense hard little biscuits… Mum had assumed I knew that scone dough has to be rolled out quite thickly…

On this occasion I wanted to avoid any chance of the scone resembling a digestive and opted for a guaranteed light and delicate scone so followed the recipe for “Lily’s Scones” (Domestic Goddess: Nigella Lawson) which Nigella describes as “dreamy lightness” . I even got the tape measure out to ensure that the dough was at least 3cm high.

Anyway, should have followed my instinct

Scones ready for lift off

Scones ready for lift off

which told me that you don’t need a thick dough when using raising agent… this was the result !

Was more than pleased therefore when Husband announced a change of plan, we were going to Birmingham to indulge the family noodle obsession at Wagamama’s. Have therefore bunged both the scones and clotted cream in the freezer as the start of Christmas preparation.

Tomorrow I start the christmas cards, can’t avoid christmas anymore…the problem with christmas is that I am so used to “not” buying things that I’m not sure I know how to shop anymore !