Goodbye to our winter friends

  “Families are composed of  men, women children, the occasional animal and the common cold”  Ogden Nash

Spider announced this morning as he bounced onto our bed that he was “a Roman Soldier with a cold” – he never claims to have a cold until he’s almost better and is worried that we won’t be quite so concerned over him – he has obviously grasped the concept of man flu earlyin life.

I am hoping that this will be the last of the viral warfare we’ve suffered from this past 6 months and that I can finally get some things done and get some energy back – if so I may finally have a garden rather than a building site.

I have given up again on the allotment for another year now – the land agents have told us not to start without the formal letter and they can’t say when they will be in a position to release that.

So this weekend I will be once again planting up my containers and the strip of land along the fence I claim is a veg patch… oh and painting that wall I didn’t manage last week due to a severe bout of “I can’t get my bottom of this sofa- itis”.

The boiled eggs are coming along fine, thanks for asking !

O is for onions and alliums in general

I had been planning on missing out “O” until I’d written the post for “P” as “O” was going to be all about Onigiri but since these would be for my lunch over the week it seemed pretty pointless making them and writing about them on a Friday…but then this weekend has been so busy that I haven’t had chance to cook (except for a long thin sponge) or write until now.

As it is the news about the allotment has perked me up enough to start thinking about what to grow and first on the list is onions/garlic/shallots/spring onions as most of my non baking cookery tends to start with “take 1 onion, chop” – certainly if I don’t know what to cook for dinner I’ll usually start chopping and onion and waiting for inspiration to strike.

The other thing onions have going for them is they are the only thing the slugs in my garden don’t seem to touch. Last year I lost the tops of the onions, garlic and shallots to the slugs but the bulbs themselves were ok – got a bumper crop of shallots but the onions I think may have been too closer together in their container…

I had vague plans to either make french onion soup (my mum’s recipe) or an upside down onion tart which I have vague memories of from a Nigella recipe.

As it was we spent Sunday morning pottering around the wet wasteland at the end of our houses trying to work out what size the allotment should be and where…and now here we are at sunday evening when I have to think about packed lunches for the week and and could both make and write about about rice balls, but I find myself with a fridge of leftovers and no need to make something specifically for lunches. My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this weekend…looks like we are in for another week of creative cooking.

I may make the Leon lentil soup in the next few days…it got a good write up on Lacer’s Life…and once again my stomach is in turmoil from anxiety and I need something gentle to calm it down…thank god its payday this week !

ps been a bit of a week for people passing away, John Mortimer on thursday and Tony Hart this morning…

Orange Coloured Day

This is a temporary post but I had to shout it out loud


Its only taken a about a year of chasing the owners and then a further 9 or 10 months hassling the land agents…but yes Flapjack Queen and I are about to share the joys and torments of an allotment, starting with having to clear it as the land has been disused for almost 10 years…but then that’s what god invented Husbands for…