Ride an emotional rollercoaster to Banbury Cross

This is rapidly becoming a blog about not baking cake…101 excuses for not cooking.

I was worried yesterday that I was in a bad luck cycle. Today had the potential to be good as I was due to be in Banbury for a planning inquiry which meant that my commute would only be 20 minutes rather than the usual 1hour 20 minutes. However whilst waiting at the station for my work colleagues our barrister phoned up to advise that she had a flat and needed to call the RAC. Then my colleagues turned up, 2 instead of 3, we were 1 short…

Fortunately we had time for things to improve as we’d turned up an hour early so that we could talk things over with our barrister beforehand. Whilst sitting in the Council’s cafe I put a call in to the barrister for an update and discovered that the RAC were on their way but that she was unlikely to be there on time which was a bit unfortunate as the our concerns were being discussed first, anyway this is how the next 90 minutes turned out (after establishing barrister is fully comp insurance):

9.26 Get into car to look for barrister

9.40 Find barrister, give her my car keys and directions to council building

9.42 RAC turn up and I get text from missing colleague saying she’d missed the train due to Oxford traffic and would be there as soon as she could

10.00 Tyre changed, paperwork completed, say goodbye to lovely man from RAC

10.01 First girlie moment. knock on RAC man’s window and ask him if he could show me how to adjust the seat in a jag

10.02 onwards Scary drive into Banbury in car that doesn’t belong to me, costs considerably more than a years salary !

10.15 Arrive at council offices, spend 5 minutes trying to find somewhere to park

10.20 Girlie moment 2: telephone Husband to ask how you put a Jag into reverse.

10.25 Arrive at inquiry

After that the day started to improve. Was back home by 2pm, discovered my Mum had collected my reserved library books and that they were all in, an email from Facebook saying that the husband of a friend I had accidentally lost touch with had found me on Facebook and then from the emails I had it looked as if things were going well on things I was involved with at work.

Anyway by 4pm I was drooping and fell asleep – I think its been all the low level stress of the last few days what with the traffic and worrying over the planning inquiry…have watched Nigella again tonight and am feeling inspired to cook, although not by anything she made oddly enough, apart from the coffee martini !

Oh, if anyone needs a planning barrister then I would recommend these guys – promise next thing I post WILL be about baking as I am giving food as presents to a number of people anyway…