More tea vic ?

I didn’t in the end make the Marmalade cake as yesterday we celebrated the fine weather by having a barbeque with our next door neighbours, the wonderful queen of make and do and flapjacks (who ran out of golden syrup mid week and came round for some emergency supplies), and her family.

At 7pm I took Spider back home for milk and a story, with the intention of using the phone as a baby monitor but instead collapsed on our bed after reading his bedtime story where Husband found us both some 3 hours later snoring our heads off.

The side benefit of the barbeque is that I have managed to sneak some salad into the house, lettuce, cherry toms and some spring onions – although the boys don’t mind vegetables they are deeply suspicious of “green stuff”.

Today we have visitors, Husband’s brother and fiancee and  I was about to start beating some eggs when Husband decided that he would finally cut his birthday cake… now I know my limitations, and much as though I would have enjoyed making his cake, a 50th birthday called for something special, so I asked the Fairy Gothmother to weave her magic in the kitchen (she made our wedding cake) and she came up with this…may 2009 040

Cooking and not cooking

Not a lot of cooking has been happening in this house this week – at least not by me at any rate.  I think I made a carbonara at the beginning of last week, which then meant I couldn’t do any baking until I had a moment to pop to the local shop as I’d used the last of the eggs…I was feeling slug like and far too lazy to go shopping, so no cake.

Not that I needed to make cakes as we were working our way through leftovers from the party.

Husband has been cooking – a lot. So far this week, he’s done steak, a shepherds pie and there is bolgnaise gently blipping away on the stove for tomorrow…

I did find a spare moment to make a cake for Spider’s actual birthday party. Despite the fact it was a small family only party he was angling for another pirate related cake – I went for an easy option and did the usual 6:6:6 sponge decorated to make it vaguely look like a ships compass – ran out of icing sugar though before I’d finished icing the top. Fortunately I had a yoghurt cream desert half way through construction in the fridge so I just smoothed it over the top instead of icing as the background of the compass.

The yoghurt desert is based on a Tessa Kiros: Apples for Jam recipe – can’t remember what its called but basically all you do is add a little orange juice and some condensed milk to some greek yoghurt, whip it up, leave it to set in the fridge and then serve it as a base for orange slices – we didn’t have any greek yoghurt so I’d left a carton of normal yoghurt (almost passed its sell by date) being strained through a sieve and a muslin square to remove some of the liquid.

Anyway this is the end result. Birthday Cake no 2, year 4:march-2009-003

Oh and I finally finished those dinosaurs in time for Spider’s birthday, Flapjack Princess is getting hers a month late as “I didn’t know quite how long it would take for them to hatch…!”march-2009-002

“You’re the best mummy in the world !!!”

Princess and Pirates Party 2009

Princess and Pirates Party 2009

Possibly not the words he will be using again in a hurry, but for now I’m going to hang on to these words and the look on Spider’s face and hug them close to me  in my memory to get me through the dark blue days.

I have been in bed for the last 5 hours after coming back from the party, 28 children and adults, we had no refusals…perhaps not something I’ll do again in a hurry…maybe I’ll wait 12 months…

Definately NOT waving

I am drowning in a sea of playmobile and boxes and boxes of photographs that need sorting… then add in paperwork waiting to be shredded and 2 weeks of ironing and I am so so tired.

Just had to do a mercy dash across the village to sort out a baking powder crisis (Flapjack Queen half way through birthday cake making dropped it on the floor – I only had half a teaspoon – thank heaven for Mums !) having just decided that I am not in a good state for trying to make birthday cakes – fortunately have an hour before work in which time to make 4 sponge cakes and cook them… wish me luck and think of me tomorrow trying to prove that I can, for at least an hour pretend I’m a domestic goddess.

Off to bed

postscript: Cakes were not made friday morning as someone had put the butter back in the fridge – could have melted it in the microwave but I think I was glad of the excuse. Still got an eveningand a morning left…

Pandoro Birthday Cake

Spider's "volcano cake"


This is our (Me and Spider) version of Tessa Kiros’ PBC. This is our birthday present to one of our neighbours, I’ve been dying to makes this for the 18 months that I’ve owned this book, but its only at Christmas that I can find Pandoro’s at a reasonable price.

Spider calls this his “volcano” cake as it is vaguely cone shaped and the orange icing does look a bit like lava… Spider doesn’t like following directions which means that if we had actually made and then decorated a cake together we probably wouldn’t be talking to each other as I would be feeling so frazzled by the end of it, this way of doing things means that we remain friends and have fun…whilst we were waiting for the icing to set he entertained me with his virtuoso drumming with wooden spoons on the saucepans – wok lids make great cymbals.

Now that its past bed time I am off to deliver the cake…only I’m sure there more sweets on it earlier today…that may explain why Spider was hyper by bed time.