Letting it all slide

I gave up on housework 3 weeks ago. I just couldn’t see the point any more and I think I was proved right as no one seems to have noticed. Let me explain.

At the end of February I was just about on top of things, finally. It had only taken a year after moving back in, but I finally had a place for everything and I had a routine that worked. Cleaning was not a chore, it was about 10 minutes per day and an hours worth of ironing on Thursday…then Husband decided he needed to put the car in the garage so that he could fix it.

Result ? Several boxes came into the house, some were easily incorporated into empty spaces but several boxes of photos came in and then sat in the kitchen en route to the loft because they needed sorting through…and that’s where they stayed, untouched.

Then we had an influx of playmobil when KTcupcake emptied her garage (note, must remember to pay for it) followed by several bags of balloons left over from Spider’s birthday (I have sneakily been sticking pins into them over the last week)…

I cracked this morning though. Its sad how happy I feel now that the bathroom is clean…I am weeping for my “single years” when I stayed in bed on a Sunday drinking coffee, reading the (delivered) Sunday paper…but at least the shower is shiny…


Reasons to be cheerful, part 3

1.   On Wednesday morning as I was sitting on the floor of my parent’s kitchen and tying my shoe laces, Spider came in and sat on the floor between my legs, put his head on my chest and looked up at me and into my eyes. As I looked down into his eyes, I saw all trace of “mischievous imp” was gone and his hazel eyes were as soft as “a pleading spaniel puppy”. He spoke “I miss you when you go”.

2. Driving into Reading I noticed the red brick of Reading Gaol stark in the morning sunshine against a crisp blue sky (that tiny patch of blue that prisoners call the sky”). It reminded me of a similar march morning some 7 years ago when a chance encounter with a stranger in a shop sent my life spinning into a new direction. Indirectly this meeting lead to me meeting my Husband, its direct effect however was to pick me up from the bruised aftermath of a very bad relationship…in case you are wondering, I bought a pair of walking boots.

The quirks of fate meant that on the 3rd anniversary of that March day Spider was born. In 2002 I discovered how nice it was to be selfish and to follow your own dream for awhile. Thanks to Spider I have discovered how nice it is to follow someone elses…at least until Bedtime.

3.  I have a clean house. It’s taken awhile but I think I’m straight again and what’s more I want to make cake…a lot of cake !