Life of Pie

Feeling at a loss. The wonderful Victorian Farm (BBC2) finished on Thursday. I started watching it purely to get some background on family history (some of Husband’s family came from shropshire) but ended up really enjoying it. Haven’t had the urge to cook anything else from the programme¬† since the Fidget Pie although I was vaguely toying with the idea of brewing beer !

When I was searching for a similar recipe to Fidget Pie to get oven temp and timings (not owning a range as they do on Victorian Farm) I come across another pie (not surprising when you are searching through a book called Pie: Angela Boggiano) which made Husband say “wow, that sounds good”. So I made it last night as a “we don’t celebrate valentine’s day, but” meal. (Cheshire Cheese and Onion Pie)

No, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day here. Husband claims he doesn’t do it because it’s just a feast for card makers and he doesn’t need 1 day in the year to show he loves me. Personally I think it’s more to do with his fear of being told off if he forgets it ! Me, I am relieved not to have to be creative anymore. I used to make an effort to come up with something different and unusual but by and large was disappointed by other’s lack of originality – although the year I was treated to “Egg and Chips and Champagne” was quite fun !

nice as pie
nice as pie

Anyway I came home last night to discover 2 bunches of flowers “because a house needs flowers” and thought I should do something a little different for tea – unfortunately this pie does take over an hour in the oven plus about 30 minutes to make the pastry and prep the filling, so it was gone 9pm by the time it hit the table – or our knees as by that time we were watching Almost Human (BBC2).

Anyway I am pleased to say that the pie was a success. Husband is in love with the pastry which is a cheese shortcrust and…wait for it, WANT’S TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE PASTRY !!!

This morning I am enjoying a gentle morning of CBeebies with my “young man” who does I am pleased to say celebrate Valentine’s Day, so much so that he has given me 2 Card’s. One which he made and coloured in himself, the other he bought but included 2 packets of seeds – coriander and rocket, something I haven’t seen before “Suttons Groweasy Seed Mats”.

The midget fidget and the bacon and apple pie

The midget fidget is Spider, he just does not know how to be still. Shropshire Fidget Pie on the other hand is a potato and bacon mixture covered in suet pastry as demonstrated on the Victorian Farm (BBC 2) the other night.

I am getting addicted to this programme. I started watching it initially as background for family history as some of Husband’s ancestors we were surprised to discover came from Shropshire…obviously hiked down the A5 when times were bad, but before that were miners and agricultural workers from some of the nice little villages that are now buried by Telford.

I must admit that I am having to fight the strong desire to turn the back garden into a smallholding a la Tom And Barbara Good – those piglets look so cute…fortunately they don’t stay cute otherwise I could see problems ahead when having to er, make use of them when they are older !

Anyway this Fidget Pie looks like a good budget recipe. They made it with a suet pastry but since our suet is a bit suspect I’ve just made a simple short crust pastry. I had to buy some more bacon as we only had 2 rashes which I suspect would not be enough but I did have a cooking apple in the fridge and some cider we brought in for the Fairy Goth Mother at Christmas which didn’t get used. I had to search the internet though for cooking times for a conventional oven. A recipe for Shropshire Fidget Pie is here

Pie sitting on the side waiting to be cooked either on sunday or on monday depending on what we are doing tomorrow.