I used to have, as part of my cooker a griddle plate – it was as Husband would describe it,  a “great bit of kit”. It was really useful when knocking up a cooked breakfast for “men” (I am outnumbered at the weekends) or, if you are in “yummy mummy” mode breakfast pancakes. It had 2 flaws however, the first was it was really difficult to clean if cooking something a bit fatty (bacon) and being electric it was very slow to heat up and very slow to cool down again…

When we moved we found we missed it, but not enough to buy the same cooker for yet a third time (we used to have separate houses before we married)…however for christmas this year treated ourselves to a double sided griddle “sheet” which you place over the burners of a gas hob  january-2009-086.

I’ve not had chance to play with it as yet as Husband has been doing almost all the cooking since christmas (lovely lovely sausage and mash this evening).

Anyway I was looking in the fridge last night, looking for inspiration for Spider’s Lunch Club when I discovered amongst the leftovers almost all the ingredients for Quesadillas as per Nigella Express – unfortunately however Husband had already earmarked the ham and bacony bits for a variation on carbonara…

Besides I try not to have the main bit of Spiders packed lunch something he hasn’t had before – and at the moment he eats wraps but insists on unrolling them and removing the filling.

So the next day I was nosing round the fridge again and these wraps were still looking back at me, as was quite a lot of blue cheese.

january-2009-085 So this is my version filled with hummus, grated blue cheese, left over roast chicken and sliced spring onion. Nigella’s version can be found here and this is what wikepedia has to say about them.

Quesadilla ? panini ? things have moved on so much since the 80’s when I used to envy the frequent appearance of a Breville toasted sarnie in my friend Wilf’s lunchbox… and the griddle is so much easier to clean.

If I had had a better day and not spent yet another 5 hours stranded on the M40 I might have been tempted to pass on the recipe for making  flatbread/wraps in case you felt desperate to make quesadillas and didn’t have spare ones floating around the fridge…which I guess is a very strange place to keep wraps and to tell you the truth I cannot remember putting them there in the first place…I guess it’s early senility setting in…